In response to the warehouse problem, the studio will not accumulate a large amount of oil products and need to be sent from the warehouse, so the delivery time will be slightly extended. If you mind, please don't place an order! Please note, thank you!

Service Hour : 10:30~20:00  | Phone: H.K. +852 9190 8555  |  Macau+853 6644 2288

In order to maintain the interests of both parties, the customer is obliged to comply with the following terms and conditions when accepting the order.


The price of the order is based on the price you ordered when placing your order

Please fill in your real name, shipping address and contact information clearly and accurately

Please read and agree to the shopping instructions before ordering

When the goods arrive, be sure to go to receive and sign.



Due to the following circumstances caused by delays in orders, can not be distributed, resulting in freight, etc., soap is not responsible


Order content is incomplete

No payment within time

Provide error messages and no detailed addresses

The delivery of goods received no one sign, resulting in the repeated distribution of the costs and related responsibilities



Squid provides PayPal third party payment method to protect your transaction security and enhance the convenience of your transaction.

What is PayPal?




Such as damage caused by force majeure or other unacceptable reasons for the sale of the system can cause the Internet transactions can not be completed or the loss of relevant information, records, etc., the soap will be as reasonable as possible to help deal with the aftermath, and Minimize customer losses.


Other Problems

Such as any problems with the customer and the soap, the dispute can go to the official website above>> contact the owner or according to the agreement and the relevant laws and regulations to be resolved.