In response to the warehouse problem, the studio will not accumulate a large amount of oil products and need to be sent from the warehouse, so the delivery time will be slightly extended. If you mind, please don't place an order! Please note, thank you!

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The Hong Kong Handmade Soap Association uses only the best natural materials in order to offer the best quality skincare.

Our aim is to offer products that are exclusively environmentally friendly and affordable.

Our products are based in 100% natural, botanical oils and essential oils. 

We never include harmful ingredients or any chemicals that cause damage to the body.

 We also fight to reduce global pollution, to leave a positive impact on the environment. 

We not only focus on your needs, but we're concerned about the growth of the next generation.

We understand the concerns of our parents. We make it our duty to use only natural materials that help children soothe their skin problems.

We offer customizable soaps according your personal skin preferences and and your favorite certified organic essential oils. We have a professional aromatherapy instructor who can help you to create a unique hand soap that you'll love.


 Our Products are Certified
SGS certification - hard soap products


SGS certification - skin care products
SGS certification - foam bath products
Quality Merchant Scheme
Our Oils Are Certified Organic

The company uses essential oils that are selected by Australia's organic certified company, New Directions Australia

To provide the best quality for everyone, I hope you have peace of mind, rest assured ~


SGS certification -3D instant mask (heavy metal content)


SGS certification -3D Transparent Mask (total number of bacteria)


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The Council also has a teaching course, taught by a professional instructor. After the class, you can obtain a certificate from the Taiwan Handmade Soap Association Senior Instructor.